Helen Perrie

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Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to critically ill patients throughout the world, with rates as high as 60%. 1 A major concern is the almost universal observation that 31-77% of these are inappropriate. The inappropriate use of antibiotics is associated with increased morbidity, mortality and cost, and is a major driver in the emergence of resistant(More)
BACKGROUND The emergence of multidrug-resistant, extensively resistant and pan-resistant pathogens and the widespread inappropriate use of antibiotics is a global catastrophe receiving increasing attention by health care authorities. The antibiotic prescription practices in public and private intensive care units (ICUs) in South Africa are unknown. (More)
BACKGROUND Procedural sedation and analgesia (PSA) is often required to perform dental procedures in children. Serious adverse outcomes, while rare, are usually preventable. OBJECTIVES To determine the proportion of dental practitioners making use of paediatric dental chair PSA in Gauteng Province, South Africa, describe their PSA practice, and determine(More)
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