Helen Patricia Bartlett

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Fertility difficulties, along with their investigation and treatment, are widely believed to cause significant psychological problems. This study was designed to investigate the efficacy of a non-directive counselling intervention with couples undertaking their first cycle of in-vitro fertilization treatment. Couples were randomly assigned to either a(More)
This paper reviews the literature on nursing competence measurement and reports the results of a comparative quantitative study of the competencies of Project 2000 diplomates and BA (Hons) Adult Nursing graduates from two UK nursing programmes. The findings reveal that graduates appear to overcome any initial limitations and become more competent than the(More)
The study was designed to examine the extent to which the psychological profiles of couples entering an IVF programme were influenced by evidence of previous fertility, the history of fertility investigations, the diagnosis made, and the coping strategies adopted. A sample of 152 couples was administered a number of standardized psychological instruments(More)
In this paper we present data from three research studies on stress, coping and burnout in mental health nurses. All three studies used a range of self report questionnaires. Measures included a demographic checklist, the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28), the Maslach Burnout Inventory, the DCL Stress Scale and the Cooper Coping Skills Scale. In all,(More)
The Claybury community psychiatric nurse (CPN) stress study collected data on stress levels in 250 CPNs and 323 ward-based psychiatric nurses (WBPN) in the North East Thames region. Four out of 10 CPNs were found to be experiencing high levels of psychological distress on GHQ scores. Whilst both CPNs and WBPNs scored highly on scores of occupational(More)
With global trends in population aging, many nations are developing and implementing healthy aging policies to promote quality as well as years of healthy life. To broaden the evidence base for such policy development, a review of the literature was conducted to summarize the existing evidence regarding the behavioral determinants of healthy aging. Such(More)
The issue of stress amongst health care professionals is currently a major concern within the British National Health Service. It is important for researchers to develop both reliable and valid psychometric measures to assess occupational stress. This paper outlines the development and piloting of a measure of professional stress for community mental health(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare health walks, a community based lay-led walking scheme versus advice only on physical activity and cardiovascular health status in middle aged adults. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial with one year follow up. Physical activity was measured by questionnaire. Other measures included attitudes to exercise, body mass index,(More)
"Three major inter-related issues have emerged concerning population aging in Singapore. The first two concerns are whether aging will increase dependency on the state for welfare and financial assistance and whether traditional family caring structures will survive and provide the care deemed necessary in the future. The third concern focuses on the(More)
The purpose of the study was to explore the association between depressive symptoms and social support in Taiwanese women doing the month. A correlational survey design using the Postpartum Social Support Questionnaire (PSSQ) and the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) to measure social support and postnatal depressive symptomatology was employed.(More)