Helen Neuert

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Neuronal growth cones select synaptic partners through interactions with multiple cell surfaces in their environment. Many of these interactions are adhesive, yet it is unclear how growth cones integrate adhesive cues to direct their movements. Here, we examine the mechanisms that enable photoreceptors in the Drosophila visual system to choose synaptic(More)
Glial cells are important constituents of the nervous system and a hallmark of these cells are their pronounced migratory abilities. In Drosophila, glial lineages have been well described and some of the molecular mechanisms necessary to guide migrating glial cells to their final target sites have been identified. With the onset of migration, glial cells(More)
During development, differentiation is often initiated by the activation of different receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs), which results in the tightly regulated activation of cytoplasmic signaling cascades. In the differentiation of neurons and glia in the developing Drosophila eye, we found that the proper intensity of RTK signaling downstream of fibroblast(More)
sich jeweils ein ausgepr~gtes M a x i m u m in der I n t e n s i t g t der Linie. In der R i eh tung zum Ste rnb i ld Ophiuehus (nahe zum galak t i schen Zent rum) und in der R i c h t u n g zum gaIakt ischen Z e n t r u m selbs t ist bemerkenswer t , dab die I n t e n s i t ~ t bei einer ga lak t i schen Brei te yon 8 his t 0 ~ ers t um die H/ilf te des(More)
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Die Protonen, die bei der Umwandlung von schwerem Wasserstoff bei der Besehiel3ung mit Deuterimnkanalstrahlen entstehen, werden, wie sehon friihere Untersuehmlgen 1 zeigten, nieht nach alien Richtungen bin mit der gleichen H~iufigkeit emittiert , Vielmehr werden bei eiuer Energie der Deuteronen yon lOO--12o ekV ungefgthr 1,5maI mehr Protonen in (und(More)
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Multicellular organisms rely on cell adhesion molecules to coordinate cell-cell interactions, and to provide navigational cues during tissue formation. In Drosophila, Fasciclin 2 (Fas2) has been intensively studied due to its role in nervous system development and maintenance; yet, Fas2 is most abundantly expressed in the adult renal (Malpighian) tubule(More)
1) SCHUBERT, K.: Z. Metallkunde (demn~chst). ~) Vgl. z.B. SULLY, A. H.: J. Inst. Metals 80, 173, 694 (1952). a) TUCKER, C. W., u. P. S~mo: Aeta Crystallogr. 4, 425 (1951); 6, 753 (1953). *) SCHUBERT, K.: Z. Naturforsch. Sa, 30 (t953). s) Es sell ferremagnetische Phasen mi t U-Struktnr geben. Also ist offenbar die SpinkorreIation nicht vom B t-Typ. *) An dem(More)
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