Helen Murphy

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The former belief that immigrants always suffer from an excess of mental disorder is no longer valid, and the old rivalry between social selection and social causation hypotheses has lost much of its relevance. The mental health of a migrant group is determined by factors relating to the society of origin, factors relating to the migration itself, and(More)
BACKGROUND To date, no large-scale cross-comparative study of psychiatric morbidity in the United Kingdom has been carried out until recently when the Northern Ireland Household Panel Survey (NIHPS) included the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) in 2001. The GHQ-12 has been included in the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) since 1991 for England and(More)
BACKGROUND In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the essential small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO) protease Ulp1 is responsible for both removing SUMO/Smt3 from specific target proteins and for processing precursor SUMO into its conjugation-competent form. Ulp1 localizes predominantly to nuclear pore complexes but has also been shown to deconjugate(More)
Historical shifts in the symptomatology of mental disease are surprisingly overlooked but common phenomena that should cast considerable light on the relation between social and intrapsychic processes. The enormous increase in chronicity and mortality in mental hospitals during the second half of the 19th century, and the shift from the shell-shock of the(More)
We used a combination of behavioral, computational vision and fMRI methods to examine human brain activity while viewing a 386 s video of a solo Bharatanatyam dance. A computational analysis provided us with a Motion Index (MI) quantifying the silhouette motion of the dancer throughout the dance. A behavioral analysis using 30 naïve observers provided us(More)
The authors present the process of setting up a mental health inquiry. The "Enquête Santé Québec" was conducted at the request of the Ministry of Social Affairs in order to identify the problems, needs and priority intervention sectors in the health field. The inquiry was carried out on a large scale at the pilot stage, collecting information on 4,000(More)
It is well known that mean blood pressure levels tend to be low in non-westernized tribal peoples and that these levels tend to rise, particularly in the older age groups, among persons of the same origins who come into more contact with modern Western life-styles. That tendency can be attributed to many factors - increased salt intake, increased obesity,(More)
Adult patients placed into foster families by six administrations in three provinces of Canada were oberved at time of placement and followed up 18 months later. Over this period, they exhibited a substantial decline in symptoms-almost as great as with similar patients retained in the hospital. However, there was virtually no improvement in social(More)
Nineteenth-century theory held that mental disorder was rare in stable, traditional rural societies. Today most societies are rapidly changing, but Tonga still fits that model and the evidence suggests that the psychoses are genuinely infrequent there. It is proposed that both the theory and the evidence deserve further examination.