Helen Moriah Sokolowski

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INTRODUCTION A number of cognitive biases, most notably a data gathering bias characterised by "jumping to conclusions" (JTC), and the "bias against disconfirmatory evidence" (BADE), have been shown to be associated with delusions and subclinical delusional ideation. Certain personality variables, particularly "openness to experience", are thought to be(More)
Cognitive biases have been found to be associated with delusions in schizophrenia and schizotypy. In the current study, we examined the relationship between subclinical delusional ideation, measured using the Peters Delusions Inventory, and cognitive biases including the bias against disconfirmatory evidence (BADE), 'jumping to conclusions', and need for(More)
A current debate is whether number is processed using a number-specific system or a general magnitude processing system used for non-numerical magnitudes such as space. Activation likelihood estimation (ALE) was used to conduct the first quantitative meta-analysis of 20 empirical neuroimaging papers examining neural activation during numerical and(More)
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