Helen McKenna

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PURPOSE To investigate whether palmaris longus interposition or flexor carpi radialis ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition improve the outcome of trapezial excision for the treatment of basal joint arthritis after a minimum follow-up of 5 years. METHODS We randomized 174 thumbs with trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis into 3 groups to undergo(More)
Carpal tunnel syndrome of mild to moderate severity can often be effectively treated in a primary care environment. Workplace task modification and wrist splints can reduce or defer referral to hospital for surgical decompression. Nerve and tendon gliding exercises may also be of benefit. Steroid injections to the mouth of the carpal tunnel are particularly(More)
Dacron-reinforced Silastic sheets were removed from two patients who had previously undergone surgery for internal derangements of the temporomandibular joint. Excised tissue from around the joints was submitted for histological analysis, revealing a diagnosis of detritus synovitis. The significance of these findings with respect to the insertion of foreign(More)
A 6-year study of bacteria isolated from swabs taken from clinically apparent infections of the stump of the umbilical cord showed an overall infection rate of 0.7% (200/27,107), with a preponderance of Gram-negative organisms as compared with Gram-positive organisms (171/118), an excess which was statistically significant. When the data were broken down(More)
Accurate staging is the basis for optimal therapy in the management of the gynaecological cancer patient and, in recent years, peritoneal washings are one of the techniques used to determine this, both at the initial and subsequent laparotomies. Two hundred and four peritoneal washes were obtained from 175 patients during a 5-year period. Fifteen cases of(More)
The case described demonstrates the development of elliptical stomatocytosis in a neonate and the appearance of elliptical stomatocytes in her mother whose blood film, before delivery, showed elliptocytosis. Further investigations on both individuals indicated a mild haemolytic anaemia. To our knowledge this is the second reported case of elliptical(More)
Although pseudomyxoma peritonei is comparatively rare, the simultaneous occurrence in this condition of mucinous tumours of ovary and appendix is common and has been termed pseudomyxoma peritonei ovarii et appendicis. Four closely followed patients in a small series showed only 25% 6-year survival. This paper presents a further case with a 14-month(More)
A study of bleeding patterns and endometrial histology was made in women using an incremental-dose combined oestrogen-progestogen formulation. The proliferative activity during the first 11 days of treatment was less well-developed, and there was an early appearance of secretory changes (transitional pattern). The increased dose of d-norgestrel resulted in(More)