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OBJECTIVE The public's perception about the success or failure of psychiatric rehabilitation is frequently dependent upon information received through the news media. The primary objective of this report is to present an example of how the news media can distort public perceptions of treatment outcome. METHOD Verbatim quotations were presented from a(More)
OBJECTIVE Reporting of child sexual abuse is mandatory in all 50 states. Conceptual distinctions between privileged communications and mandatory reporting are reviewed, and the impact of recent changes in Maryland's reporting laws is examined. METHOD Beginning in 1964 Maryland law required reporting if abuse was suspected when a physician examined a(More)
Serum specimens from 77 paraphilic sex offenders in treatment at a major community-based sexual disorders clinic were examined for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. In addition to their paraphilic ("sexually deviant") activities, most patients had also had nonparaphilic sexual contacts with consenting adult partners. These patients had engaged(More)
In a consecutive series of admissions to the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Unit, 4 out of 20 patients appeared to have simulated paraphilic symptoms that further assessment indicated were either exaggerated or not present. The paper presents case histories of these 4 patients. A descriptive comparison is made between these patients and control groups of(More)
Dear Sir: I enjoyed Major Terino’s article (€S&T, September 1976, p 872). He made one very important point, had only one noticeable omission, but committed several errors that should be brought to your reader’s attentjon. Our small group has spent many thousands of hours since 1971 on air-transport problems. We think we have pinpointed a number of(More)
At Indiana University, we supervise large numbers of student employees who work independently in remote computer lab locations. We employ a small support staff to travel among the labs to monitor consultant performance and lab environments. Compiling data gathered throughout the semester and providing evaluation input on performance was a laborious task(More)
Am J Psychiatry 148:1 1, November 1991 1619 to more restrictive reporting laws. Instead, research suggests that legal definitions of abuse should be operationalized and reporting requirements clarified. With more than 4,000 cases of sexual abuse reported in 1990 in Maryland, I hope that policy makers will not be distracted from the larger problems with(More)
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