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The objectives of this study were to assess the potential for using Thlaspi caerulescens as a phytoextraction plant and develop a user-advice model, which can predict the frequency of phytoextraction operation required under prescribed conditions. Pot and field trials were conducted using soil collected from a dedicated sewage sludge disposal facility. Soil(More)
Short rotation coppice (SRC) such as Salix spp. can be grown as an energy crop and offers some potential for economic and practical phytoextraction of marginally contaminated arable soil. This study tested various soil amendments intended to increase soil metal availability to Salix, investigated the distribution of metal between different tree fractions(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the accuracy of interpretation of probabilistic screening information by different stakeholder groups and whether presentation as frequencies improves accuracy. DESIGN Between participants experimental design; participants responded to screening information embedded in a scenario. SETTING Regional maternity service and national(More)
An investigation was conducted to determine the impact of acute doses of gamma radiation on the microbial community structure of a Holcus lanatus dominated grassland soil. Mesocosms containing soil and established grass were irradiated using a sealed (137)Cs source (7.0 Gy min(-1)). Doses ranged from 5 to 160 Gy, analyses were conducted on the day of(More)
Phenoloxidase (PO) is a key enzyme involved in the immune response of insects. We show that egg-to-adult exposure to residues of 0.001, but not 0.0005 mgkg(-1) ivermectin elevated PO activity in yellow dung flies (Scathophaga stercoraria) developing in cattle dung. Fly fat content was unaffected by the treatments. Therefore, the response of PO was a direct(More)
Descriptive demographic, clinical and interview data from clients of an outpatient mental health clinic for older adults are presented. These clients are better educated and have a more frequents history of marital difficulties than older adults in general. Although a significant minority received V code and Adjustment Disorder diagnoses, the majority were(More)
The response of rhizosphere microbial communities associated with natural populations of Deschampsia antarctica growing on Léonie Island (67°36′S, 68°21′W, Antarctic Peninsula) to UV radiation was investigated. UV radiation was controlled in the field using Perspex VA screens (UV-B opaque) which transmit little radiation below 380 nm but allow penetration(More)
The disposal of biosolids poses a major environmental and economic problem. Agricultural use is generally regarded as the best means of disposal. However, its impact on soil ecosystems remains uncertain. Biosolids can improve soil properties by supplying nutrients and increasing organic matter content but there is also a potentially detrimental effect(More)
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  • 1983
The amount of trauma experienced by elderly entering nursing homes appears to be a function of a number of environmental factors. The present study uses physician visits, PRN medication requests, the number of prescription medications administered, and mortality to compare the effects of two nursing home types, nonprofit and proprietary, on the elderly over(More)