Helen M Werner

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OBJECTIVE To provide quantitative data on the multi-planar growth of the mandible, this study derived accurate linear and angular mandible measurements using landmarks on three dimensional (3D) mandible models. This novel method was used to quantify 3D mandibular growth and characterize the emergence of sexual dimorphism. DESIGN Cross-sectional and(More)
The hyoid bone supports the important functions of swallowing and speech. At birth, the hyoid bone consists of a central body and pairs of right and left lesser and greater cornua. Fusion of the greater cornua with the body normally occurs in adulthood, but may not occur at all in some individuals. The aim of this study was to quantify hyoid bone fusion(More)
OBJECTIVES Neuroendocrine neoplasms (NENs) are heterogeneous neoplasms, which are sometimes malignant, although predicting metastasis is difficult. INSM1 is a transcription factor expressed transiently in embryonic neuroendocrine (NE) tissue, thought to coordinate termination of cell division with differentiation of NE and neuroepithelial cells. In adult(More)
In cell-mediated immune processes the products of antigen-sensitive lymphocytes are detectable as charge-changing lymphokines by means of the cell electrophoretic mobility method (EM test). the improvement of the method concerns the measuring procedures (indicator particle and automation) and the application of specific antigens. The employment of special(More)
Some new results of cell-mediated immunity in multiple slcerosis (MS) are presented, based on the determination of charge-changing lymphokines as products of antigen sensitive lymphocytes (C PAL), obtained by several forms of the electrophoretic mobility (EM) method. Lymphocytes from MS react to myelin basic protein (BP), the reactivity in other(More)
Cytopherometry in neurologic diseases is discussed with regard to antigenic reactivity, the formation of cytokines and the direct changes of electrophoretic mobility of immune-competent cells. The Macrophage-Electrophoresis-Mobility (MEM) test, the variants of the method and additional techniques produced some results of diagnostic and immunpathologic(More)
Inhibition of electrophoretic cell migration using cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) directly was investigated by the modified MEM (macrophage electrophoretic mobility) and TEEM (tanned sheep erythrocyte electrophoretic mobility) tests, respectively. An inhibitory activity of macrophage slowing factor (MSF)--one of in vivo lymphokines--in CSF was established in(More)
The leukocyte migration inhibitory factor (LIF) was examined in 57 test persons--27 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and 30 normals--with the indirect and the direct leucocyte migration inhibition test in agarose (LMIAT). The stimulation of lymphocytes was carried out by the application of myelin basic protein (BP) and a membrane-associated antigen of(More)
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