Helen M Correia

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Impairment of cognitive function, a common complaint in patients receiving chemotherapy, is usually measured through neuropsychological tests. Patient self-evaluation of cognitive difficulties is an important complement to those tests. The Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy–Cognitive Function (FACT-Cog) is a self-report questionnaire with potential to(More)
Public speaking anxiety, as an aspect of social anxiety, while not necessarily constituting a social anxiety disorder (S.A.D.) is widespread in society. This paper considers the largely unspoken equity issue of public speaking anxiety, its prevalence, symptomology and potential implications for students in higher education and the future. A small pilot(More)
BACKGROUND With an ageing population in most Western countries, people are living longer but often with one or more chronic physical health problems. Older people in physically poor health are at greater risk of developing clinical depression. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Problem Solving Therapy (PST) have both been found to be efficacious in(More)
Veterinary medical students, like other university students, are likely to experience elevated levels of stress, anxiety, and depression over the course of their studies. Mindfulness-based interventions have previously been effective for university students in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. In this study, a mindfulness-based intervention was(More)
BACKGROUND Multi-morbidity in older adults is commonly associated with depressed mood. Similarly, subjective reports of pain are also associated with both physical illness and increased depressive symptoms. However, whether pain independently contributes to the experience of depression in older people with multi-morbidity has not been studied. METHODS In(More)
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