Helen Lillias Anderson

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BACKGROUND Renal cell carcinoma is well known for its frequency to metastasise, particularly to lungs, liver, bones and brain. Metastasis to the skin is much less common. Presentation as a result of the skin lesion is even more unusual, with only 14 previously reported cases in the English literature. The majority of these cases have been reported in(More)
This paper introduces a general purpose scene segmentation system based on the model that the gradient value at region borders exceeds the gradient within regions. All internal and external parameters are identified and discussed, and the methods of selecting their values are specified. User-provided external parameters are based on segmentation scale: the(More)
An important objective in computer vision research is the automatic understanding of aerial photographs of urban and suburban locations. Several systems have been developed to begin to recognize man-made objects in these scenes. A brief review of these systems is presented. This paper introduces the Pennsylvania Landscan recognition system. It is performing(More)
We propose a methodology to identify the address labels on flat mail pieces, for the cases where the surface characteristics of the address label are different from the remaining surface. Two methods are used: movement of highlights with differing illumination, and identification of highlights using color information. Reasoning about changes in hue,(More)
Segmentation of range images has long been considered in computer vision as an important but extremely difficult problem. In this paper we present a new paradigm for the segmentation of range images into piecewise continuous patches. Data aggregation is performed via model recovery in terms of variable-order bi-variate polynomials using iterative(More)
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