Helen L Price

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This study investigated several knowledge gaps with respect to the diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) technique for measurement of oxyanions (As(III), As(V), Se(IV), Se(VI), PO4(3-), and V(V)) using the ferrihydrite and Metsorb™ binding layers. Elution efficiencies for each binding layer were higher with 1:20 dilutions, as analytical interferences for(More)
• Nearly all theories of the mechanisms involved in hemorrhagic shock depend upon observations made in anesthetized, infra-human species. Since anesthetics can modify circulatory responses and since species differences undoubtedly exist, it was elected to perform the present study in conscious human volunteers. The results differ in certain important(More)
On the assumption of contralateral control, lateral asymmetries in motor performance are often associated with the functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres. However, anatomical as well as previous behavioral studies, indicate this assumption may not be valid for all joints of the limbs. To test this assumption, right-handed male subjects(More)
An efficient five-step synthetic method was developed to access a series of spermine derivatives containing appended acridine, anthracene, and 7-chloroquinoline motifs. The derivatives were composed of a spermine fragment covalently tethered at its N4 and N9 positions to an aromatic nucleus via an aliphatic chain (e.g., 8: acridine -[C4 aliphatic(More)