Helen L. Corns

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AIM To determine the incidence and nature of unlicensed and off label prescribing of drugs for children in general practice. METHODS A retrospective analysis of all prescriptions for one year involving children (aged 12 years or under) from a single suburban general practice in the English Midlands. Prescribed drugs were categorised as licensed,(More)
To compare two Bayesian methods (Fuzzy and Naïve) for classifying injury narratives in large administrative databases into event cause groups, a dataset of 14 000 narratives was randomly extracted from claims filed with a worker's compensation insurance provider. Two expert coders assigned one-digit and two-digit Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)(More)
Secondary exposure to pesticide residues on the external surfaces of sprayers does not currently form part of the risk assessment process. A measure of the ease with which residues may be transferred from the sprayer surface to the operator would enhance the accuracy of any such assessment. This study quantified the dislodgeability of six pesticides from(More)
INTRODUCTION Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injuries in the U.S.; however, national estimates for all community-dwelling adults are lacking. This study estimated the national incidence of falls and fall-related injuries among community-dwelling U.S. adults by age and gender and the trends in fall-related injuries across the adult life span. (More)
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