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OBJECTIVE To describe trends in prescribing for glycaemic control in diabetes mellitus in England, 1993-2003, and to examine the effects of new clinical evidence or national guidance on these. DESIGN Observational study of prescribing adjusted for extrapolated changes in epidemiology of insulin and non-insulin treated diabetes. SETTING Primary care in(More)
BACKGROUND There is good evidence of reduced prescribing of antibiotics in recent years, but the reason for this has not been established. AIM To study the incidence of respiratory tract infections presenting to general practitioners (GPs) in England and Wales in relation to the incidence of other infections and to the prescription of antibiotics. (More)
BACKGROUND Reductions in the number of dispensed antibiotics and the incidence of respiratory infections presented to GPs and have been reported. Whether this trend applies to skin infections requires further investigation. AIM To examine trends in the incidence of skin infections in relation to trends in dispensed prescriptions for flucloxacillin,(More)