Helen Kelley

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Stories about computer-related action (e.g., placing a document about how a computer virus works on an electronic network?bulletin board) were presented to users. Data indicate that women end-users compared to men have a less libetiarian sense of what is right and wrong; as well, younger respondents are more libertarian than their older compatriots. Data(More)
Attribution theory, advanced by Bernard Weiner and his colleagues is an important, though sometimes controversial, theory that has demonstrated vitality and longevity. The cross-disciplinary application of attribution theory to, for example, organizational behavior, marketing, and education, has stimulated the interests of researchers and contributed to its(More)
Emerging natural and man-made threats to the health of the nations population require development of a seamless laboratory network to address preventable health risks; this can be achieved only by defining the role of public health laboratories in public and private laboratory service delivery. Establishing defined core functions and capabilities for state(More)
Modern societies rely on Information Systems (IS), yet their protection has long been considered ineffective. Researchers and practitioners have struggled to understand the persistence of this phenomenon, but both agree that IS management plays a significant role. This paper investigates the relation between practitioners’ perceptions of IS management(More)