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Crowdsourcing Government: Lessons from Multiple Disciplines
Crowdsourcing has proliferated across disciplines and professional fields. Implementers in the public sector face practical challenges, however, in the execution of crowdsourcing. This reviewExpand
Do Poverty Attitudes of Social Service Agency Directors Influence Organizational Behavior?
This article explores why people are poor and on welfare, according to social service agency directors who administer programs that serve current and former welfare recipients. Based on data from 295Expand
Factors Influencing Network Formation Among Social Service Nonprofit Organizations in Hong Kong and Implications for Comparative and China Studies
ABSTRACT This article examines the factors influencing network formation among social service nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in Hong Kong and aims to illustrate the value of comparative studies ofExpand
Exploring Online Engagement in Public Policy Consultation: The Crowd or the Few?
Governments are increasingly adopting online platforms to engage the public and allow a broad and diverse group of citizens to participate in the planning of government policies. To understand theExpand
Crowdsourcing Design: A Synthesis of Literatures
A process map for governments to design crowdsourcing is generated and three key actions are highlighted, namely incentive design, communication, and information aggregation. Expand
Online and Virtual Volunteering
The advent of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has transformed conventional in-person volunteering on-site into online volunteering and civic participation at a physical distance.Expand
Incorporated but Not IRS-Registered: Exploring the (Dark) Grey Fringes of the Nonprofit Universe
Listings of Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-registered and state-incorporated nonprofits for the same region may differ for a variety of reasons. Using Indiana as a case study, we first describe theExpand