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Term cooccurrence data has been extensively used in document retrieval systems for the identification of indexing terms that are similar to those that have been specified in a user query: these similar terms can then be used to augment the original query statement. Despite the plausibility of this approach to query expansion , the retrieval effectiveness of(More)
Understanding the demographic response of free-living animal populations to different drivers is the first step towards reliable prediction of population trends. Penguins have exhibited dramatic declines in population size, and many studies have linked this to bottom-up processes altering the abundance of prey species. The effects of individual traits have(More)
A fully automated weighbridge using a new algorithm and mechanics integrated with a Radio Frequency Identification System is described. It is currently in use collecting data on Macaroni penguins (Eudyptes chrysolophus) at Bird Island, South Georgia. The technology allows researchers to collect very large, highly accurate datasets of both penguin weight and(More)
UV-B radiation (280-315 nm) incident on the leafy liverwort Cephaloziella varians growing at Rothera Point on the Western Antarctic Peninsula was manipulated in late austral spring 1998 by screens consisting of a novel combination of plexiglass panes and polyester sheets. The screens transmitted c. 79%, 68%, 48%, 41% and 31% of daily UV-B radiation dose.(More)
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