Helen G. Richter

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It is desired to make a preliminary report of certain experimental evidence that respiratory and other gases may enter one lobule from another in the lung without resort to known anatomical passageways. This was found in vivo and in vitro in work with dogs. In vitro observations. A single lung lobe, freshly secured, was prepared by dissection at the hilus(More)
The fresh volumes of the nucl. caudatus (including the nucl. accumbens septi), putamen, globus pallidus and of the whole brain of 37 male Tupaia belangeri aged between 36-536 days of ontogenesis have been determined. The growth of these nuclear regions is described by the logistic function. The parameters were approximated by means of an iterative procedure(More)
Morphological and physiological studies were carried out on Caiman crocodilus under experimentally produced metabolic changes. During N2-respiration the cochlear potentials responded differently. The negative component (CM-) of the cochlear microphonics decreased continuously, whereas the CM+ component showed only a little change. The summation action(More)
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