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BACKGROUND AND AIMS To determine whether the inclusion of 20 g free glutamine as part of the nitrogen source of parenteral feeds reduces length of hospital stay or mortality. METHODS In a randomised, double blind, controlled trial in 168 patients clinically accepted for parenteral nutrition, standard feeds were compared with feeds in which 3.8 g of the(More)
The design of electronics suitable for fast event selection in the first level of the ZEUS trigger has been studied using a Monte Carlo simulation technique. It was found that integrating tracking information from two detectors (the Central Tracking Detector and the Forward Tracking Detector) at this level was both possible and beneficial. It was shown that(More)
During the spring semester of 2007, the Center for Latin American Studies hosted an exhibit of Fernando Botero's Abu Ghraib series of paintings and drawings which depict the abuses committed by American troops at that notorious Iraqi prison. In addition to holding a public conversation with the artist, the Center also organized a series of lectures to(More)
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