Helen Fawcett

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We demonstrate detection of whole viruses and viral proteins with a new label-free platform based on spectral reflectance imaging. The Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor (IRIS) has been shown to be capable of sensitive protein and DNA detection in a real time and high-throughput format. Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) was used as the target for(More)
The use of in vitro diagnostic devices is transitioning from the laboratory to the primary care setting to address early disease detection needs. Time critical viral diagnoses are often made without support due to the experimental time required in today's standard tests. Available rapid point of care (POC) viral tests are less reliable, requiring a(More)
Label-free imaging of individual viruses and nanoparticles directly in complex solutions is important for virology research and biosensing applications. A successful visualization technique should be rapid, sensitive, and inexpensive, while needing minimal sample preparation or user expertise. Current approaches typically require fluorescent labeling or the(More)
I dedicate this to my loving parents, Cheryl and Paul, my competitive siblings Michelle and Anthony, and my grandparents for all their affection and support. A special dedication to my late great grandma, Emma Elizabeth Shively (1907–2013), and to my late grandpa, Paul White (1940–2013), whose support and laughter will never be forgotten. v ACKNOWLEDGMENTS(More)
The design of electronics suitable for fast event selection in the first level of the ZEUS trigger has been studied using a Monte Carlo simulation technique. It was found that integrating tracking information from two detectors (the Central Tracking Detector and the Forward Tracking Detector) at this level was both possible and beneficial. It was shown that(More)
During the spring semester of 2007, the Center for Latin American Studies hosted an exhibit of Fernando Botero's Abu Ghraib series of paintings and drawings which depict the abuses committed by American troops at that notorious Iraqi prison. In addition to holding a public conversation with the artist, the Center also organized a series of lectures to(More)
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