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Problems with the Use of Student Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers. EPI Briefing Paper #278.
Authors, each of whom is responsible for this brief as a whole, are listed alphabetically. correspondence may be addressed to Educ_Prog@epi.org. Executive summary Every classroom should have aExpand
Teacher-Student Matching and the Assessment of Teacher Effectiveness
Administrative data on fifth grade students in North Carolina shows that more highly qualified teachers tend to be matched with more advantaged students, both across schools and in many cases withinExpand
Teacher Credentials and Student Achievement: Longitudinal Analysis with Student Fixed Effects.
Abstract We use a rich administrative dataset from North Carolina to explore questions related to the relationship between teacher characteristics and credentials on the one hand and studentExpand
The Impacts of Charter Schools on Student Achievement: Evidence from North Carolina
Using an individual panel data set to control for student fixed effects, we estimate the impact of charter schools on students in charter schools and in nearby traditional public schools. We findExpand
Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Working Conditions
This quantitative study examines the relationship between teachers’ perceptions of their working conditions and their intended and actual departures from schools. Based on rich administrative dataExpand
How and Why Do Teacher Credentials Matter for Student Achievement?
Education researchers and policy makers agree that teachers differ in terms of quality and that quality matters for student achievement. Despite prodigious amounts of research, however, debate stillExpand
School choice, racial segregation, and test-score gaps: Evidence from North Carolina's charter school program
Using panel data that track individual students from year to year, we examine the effects of charter schools in North Carolina on racial segregation and black-white test score gaps. We find thatExpand
Holding Schools Accountable: Performance-Based Reform in Education.
"Perhaps the most urgentand complextask facing American education today is to figure out how to hold schools accountable for improved academic achievement. In this important new work, Helen Ladd andExpand
School Vouchers: A Critical View
This paper marshals available evidence from both the U.S. and other countries on the effects of private schools, peer effects, and competition to demonstrate that that any gains in overall studentExpand
Education and Poverty: Confronting the Evidence
Current U.S. policy initiatives to improve the U.S. education system, including No Child Left Behind, test-based evaluation of teachers, and the promotion of competition are misguided because theyExpand