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Modern satellites tag their images with geolocation information using GPS and star tracking systems. Depending on the quality of the geopositioning equipment, errors may range from a few meters to tens of meters on the ground. At the current state of art, there is no established method to automatically correct these errors limiting the large-scale joint(More)
This paper generalizes the previously developed automated edge-detection parameter selection algorithm of Yitzhaky and Peli. We generalize the approach to arbitrary multidimensional, continuous or discrete parameter spaces, and feature spaces. This generalization enables use of the parameter selection approach with more general image features, for use in(More)
High-resolution and accurate Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generation from satellite imagery is a challenging problem. In this work, a stereo 3-D reconstruction framework is outlined that is applicable to nonstereoscopic satellite image pairs that may be captured by different satellites. The orthographic height maps given by stereo reconstruction are(More)
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