Helen F Ashdown

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BACKGROUND Interventions to prevent influenza-related complications are recommended for individuals at the greatest risk of serious clinical deterioration. However, guidelines are based on consensus opinion rather than evidence, and do not specify risk factors in children. We aimed to provide an evidence-based definition of children who are most at risk of(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the diagnostic accuracy of pain on travelling over speed bumps for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. DESIGN Prospective questionnaire based diagnostic accuracy study. SETTING Secondary care surgical assessment unit at a district general hospital in the UK. PARTICIPANTS 101 patients aged 17-76 years referred to the on-call(More)
OBJECTIVES National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines recommend immediate antibiotic treatment of respiratory tract infections in 'at-risk' individuals with comorbidities. Observational evidence suggests that influenza particularly predisposes children to bacterial complications. This study investigates general practitioners' (GPs')(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the diagnostic accuracy of three personal breathalyser devices available for sale to the public marketed to test safety to drive after drinking alcohol. DESIGN Prospective comparative diagnostic accuracy study comparing two single-use breathalysers and one digital multiuse breathalyser (index tests) to a police breathalyser (reference(More)
OBJECTIVES Children presenting unplanned to healthcare services are routinely asked about previous immunisations as part of their assessment. We aimed to assess the accuracy of screening children for immunisation status by history. DESIGN Diagnostic accuracy study. We compared information from patient history by a retrospective review of notes and used a(More)
Pain over speed bumps in diagnosis of acute appendicitis: diagnostic accuracy study OPEN ACCESS Helen F Ashdown academic clinical fellow in general practice 1 , Nigel D'Souza specialist registrar in general surgery 2 , Diallah Karim foundation trainee 2 , Richard J Stevens senior medical statistician 1 , Andrew Huang consultant colorectal and general(More)
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