Helen E Sheehan

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The maldistribution of biomedical services creates a dilemma for Indian patients. They encounter a bewildering array of medical services, ranging from qualified traditional medical practitioners to untrained, self-taught purveyors of medicines and cures. Research on Indian healthcare has decried the inefficient distribution of services in rural and urban(More)
Thomas rightly identifies the serious failings, and the need for improvement, in the state of occupational safety and health in India. He focuses on the ramifications in a variety of workplaces where inadequate or unenforced legal and health protections lead to worker ill health, injury, and even death. The medical and legal professions, workers’ unions,(More)
Historic legislation for healthcare reform in the United States was enacted in March 2010. Reforms in medical practice, payment for services, and access to care and insurance will be introduced by complex processes over time through 2019. The overriding goals of healthcare reform are cost containment and guaranteeing access to all Americans. The contentious(More)
This paper presents an overview of factors, attitudes, and beliefs that may influence the adoption of cancer prevention and detection strategies by health-care providers and the public. Health-care practitioners require education about prevention and detection approaches to health care and the social variations in the population that may influence(More)
From a review of the experience and history of Medicare in the US over these 45 years, politics and economics played a large role in its introduction, in the direction it took in its initial years, and more recently in the introduction of "donut hole" drug coverage. However, health planning and policy processes in federal and state agencies have grown, and(More)
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