Helen E. Klein

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The present study examined the effect of the stimulant medication methylphenidate (MPH) on attentional functioning of adults with ADHD. Sixteen adults with a diagnosed ADHD without comorbidity were assessed twice, at baseline off MPH and following MPH treatment. The assessment battery consisted of reaction time tasks of low complexity, including measures of(More)
There is only little information about varying attention functions of adults with different DSM-IV subtypes of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In the present study groups of adult patients with ADHD – predominantly inattentive type, ADHD – predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type or ADHD – combined type and three healthy control groups were(More)
The symptomatology and social adjustment between urban and rural schizophrenics were compared in 275 consecutive admissions of schizophrenics, who were rated on the Katz Adjustment Scales by the patients themselves and their relatives at admission and 1 year after hospital discharge, or at readmission if it occurred within 12 months of discharge. Numerous(More)
This article deals with differences in work satisfaction, general state of well being, somatic complaints and work load of psychiatric student nurses and graduated nurses. Data were collected from a sample of 53 psychiatric student nurses and 145 graduated nurses. The graduated nurses reported an unexpectedly high job satisfaction of 70% compared to other(More)
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