Helen Dawn Rodd

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Prior research has demonstrated a strong association between the species of predators that co-occur with guppies and the evolution of guppy life histories. The evolution of these differences in life histories has been attributed to the higher mortality rates experienced by guppies in high-predation environments. Here, we evaluate whether there might be(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the reliability and validity of the Child Perceptions Questionnaire (CPQ11-14), an oral health related quality of life measure for 11-14 year old children, for use in the UK. BASIC RESEARCH DESIGN Cross-sectional questionnaire and clinical analytical study. CLINICAL SETTING Orthodontic and paediatric dentistry clinics at a dental(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the reliability and validity of the Parental Perceptions Questionnaire (PPQ) for use in the UK and to investigate whether different approaches to the treatment of 'don't know' (DK) responses have any effect on the psychometric properties. METHODS The parents of 89 children attending for an examination at a dental teaching hospital and(More)
The neuropeptide substance P (SP) is found within a subpopulation of nociceptive afferent nerve fibres and has been shown to be upregulated in a variety of sites following peripheral inflammation. The aim of this study was to investigate the expression of SP within human teeth, both in health and disease, and to seek a correlation between reported pain(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was undertaken primarily to determine the frequency of use of mouthguards for sports among secondary school children. Information was also sought regarding the prevalence and aetiology of oral trauma; sports most frequently played; source of mouthguard; reported problems with use; and attitudes towards mouthguard. DESIGN A total of 557(More)
AIM To assess child and parent acceptance of preformed metal crowns (PMCs). STUDY DESIGN This was a service evaluation using a child- and parent-centred self-report questionnaire in a convenience sample of hospital patients. METHODS Questionnaires were developed with serviceusers and issued to 98 children who had received a PMC on a primary molar within(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare dental age (DA) with chronological age (CA) in Somali and white Caucasian children, resident in Sheffield. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Paediatric dentistry clinic, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield. SUBJECTS Somali children under 16 years of age and age- and gender-matched white Caucasian subjects. OUTCOME(More)
This paper provides some disturbing facts and figures about the amount of television being watched by children. In addition, it reports on the volume and type of television advertising aimed at young people, both in the United Kingdom and other developed countries. In view of recent public and professional concern as to the possible adverse effects of food(More)
BACKGROUND Several measures of oral health-related quality of life have been developed for children. The most frequently used are the Child Perceptions Questionnaire (CPQ), the Child Oral Impacts on Daily Performances (C-OIDP) and the Child Oral Health Impact Profile (COHIP). The aim of this study was to assess the methodological quality of the development(More)