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Emotion processing is known to be impaired in psychopathy, but less is known about the cognitive mechanisms that drive this. Our study examined experiencing and suppression of emotion processing in psychopathy. Participants, violent offenders with varying levels of psychopathy, viewed positive and negative images under conditions of passive viewing,(More)
In rivers, variations in concentrations of many dissolved nutrients occur during spates. Increases are usually attributed to concentrated point or non-point inputs, and decreases to dilution associated with rainfall. Increased discharge disturbs sediments and benthic communities, but the effects of such disturbance on nutrient levels are difficult to(More)
The design and performance of a portable, automated flow injection (FI)-based photometric monitor are described. The system is controlled by an in-house microcomputer system that enables the monitor (including a solid state detector) to operate from a 12 V battery supply. The monitor uses the cadmium reduction/diazotization method to analyse for nitrate(More)
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