Helen Carter

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Phantom limb pain is an often severe and debilitating phenomenon that has been reported in up to 85% of amputees. Its pathophysiology is poorly understood. Peripheral and spinal mechanisms are thought to play a role in pain modulation in affected individuals; however central mechanisms are also likely to be of importance. The neuromatrix theory postulates a(More)
Chronic deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the periventricular gray (PVG) has been used for the treatment of chronic central pain for decades. In recent years motor cortex stimulation (MCS) has largely supplanted DBS in the surgical management of intractable neuropathic pain of central origin. However, MCS provides satisfactory pain relief in about 50-75% of(More)
The aim of this study was to compare maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (hereafter O2 deficit) estimated from the methods of Whipp et al. (1986), Medbo et al. (1988), and Hill et al. (1998) to determine whether they agree sufficiently to be used interchangeably. Nineteen moderately to highly trained endurance runners first performed an incremental test to(More)
OBJECTIVES To set up and evaluate a multidisciplinary suicide assessment training course for "front-line" clinical staff. METHODS We looked at the impact of two types of training courses: full day Workshops with actors role-playing patients; and a half-day Lecture. Outcome measures included the Suicide Intervention Response Inventory Form 2, a reliable and(More)
The periventricular gray (PVG) matter is an established anatomical target for chronic deep brain stimulation (DBS) in the treatment of certain intractable pain syndromes. Data relating to the representation of pain and other somatosensory modalities within the PVG in humans are negligible. We examined the character and location of somatosensory responses(More)
Post-herpetic neuralgic affects up to 20% of patients after an attack of trigeminal Herpes Zoster infection. Past medical and surgical treatments have been unrewarding. We report the successful treatment of such a case with deep brain stimulation into the region of the contralateral periventricular grey area (PVG) and ventral posterior lateral thalamic(More)
Connections with a local mental health service for young people, headspace, led to collaboration between local health service dietitian's and headspace staff. This partnership enables early detection and treatment of young people with disordered eating in Tamworth NSW. A project identified the need to enhance staff awareness of nutrition and disordered(More)
  • Apple Computer Australia, Barry Harper, Ron Oliver, Mr Stephen, Young, Ms Jeanette +42 others
  • 2000
Preface This volume of proceedings contains the refereed papers from the Apple University Consortium (AUC) Academic and Developer's Conference held at The University of Wollongong in April 2000. The Conference is organised biennially by the AUC and provides an opportunity for higher education delegates in Australia, New Zealand and Asia to meet and explore(More)
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