Helen Borthwick

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Eleven patients with panic disorder were challenged with cholecystokinin tetrapeptide (CCK-4) on two occasions. The effects of CCK-4 were consistent except symptom onset was more rapid with the second injection. Demonstrating that the effects of CCK-4 are reproducible in panic patients opens the doors for studies of the effects of drug treatment on(More)
Under certain circumstances, X-linked loci are expected to experience more adaptive substitutions than similar autosomal loci. To look for evidence of faster-X evolution, we analyzed the evolutionary rates of coding sequences in two sets of Drosophila species, the melanogaster and pseudoobscura clades, using whole-genome sequences. One of these, the(More)
The extent to which quantitative trait variability is caused by rare alleles maintained by mutation, versus intermediate-frequency alleles maintained by balancing selection, is an unsolved problem of evolutionary genetics. We describe the results of an experiment to examine the effects of selection on the mean and extent of inbreeding depression for early(More)
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