Helen Berman

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The impetus for the dramatic increase in the number of treatment alternatives for children has come from changes in the theoretical conceptualization of treatment, social and political pressures, and financial considerations. This article reviews the literature on alternatives to hospitalization, appraising the available data on the effectiveness of(More)
In this paper, we describe a system, DEXTER, that uses knowledge to suggest inductive learning experiments in the domain of DNA hydration pattern prediction. These experiments vary the training data presented to a classifier learner. Such experiments are necessary in this domain, since, as in many other scientific domains, data are noisy, the relevance of(More)
Though it has been possible in the past to learn to predict DNA hydration patterns from crystallographic data, there is ambiguity in the choice of training data (both in terms of the relevant set of cases and the features needed to represent them), which limits the usefulness of standard learning techniques. Thus, we have developed a knowledge-based system(More)