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The worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB) is the international collaboration that manages the deposition, processing and distribution of the PDB archive. The online PDB archive is a repository for the coordinates and related information for more than 38 000 structures, including proteins, nucleic acids and large macromolecular complexes that have been(More)
Data management has emerged as one of the central issues in the high-throughput processes of taking a protein target sequence through to a protein sample. To simplify this task, and following extensive consultation with the international structural genomics community, we describe here a model of the data related to protein production. The model is suitable(More)
Though it has been possible in the past to learn to predict DNA hydration patterns from crystallographic data, there is ambiguity in the choice of training data (both in terms of the relevant set of cases and the features needed to represent them), which limits the usefulness of standard learning techniques. Thus, we have developed a knowledge-based system(More)
In his paper On the propagation of errors (2013), Jaskolski makes several points about the annotation of ligands in the Protein Data Bank. Since 2007, the Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB) has undertaken several rounds of remediation of the entire PDB archive in an effort to improve the quality, integrity and consistency of the data. This is an ongoing(More)
Comment on Timely deposition of macromolecular structures is necessary for peer review by Joosten et al. The wwPDB responds to the article by Joosten et al. The Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB) strongly agrees with the overall views expressed by Joosten et al. (2013) in their article about timely deposition of macromolecular structures in the Protein(More)
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