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In this study we use a sample of petroleum refining firms to examine whether earnings sensitivity measures are risk-relevant. Because actual earnings sensitivity measures as per the SEC’s new market risk disclosure rules are either unavailable, incomplete or cross-sectionally uncomparable at the present time, we construct earnings sensitivity measures from(More)
Coastal Bangladesh experiences significant poverty and hazards today and is highly vulnerable to climate and environmental change over the coming decades. Coastal stakeholders are demanding information to assist in the decision making processes, including simulation models to explore how different interventions, under different plausible future(More)
doi:10.3763/cpol.2007.0443 © 2008 Earthscan ISSN: 1469-3062 (print), 1752-7457 (online) www.climatepolicy.com This article examines trends in development assistance funding for energy and the implications for mitigating climate change. It presents financial data from bilateral and multilateral donors during 1997–2005, a period that begins with the agreement(More)
Assistant Psychologist, Letchworth Village. List Established August 20, 1937 Dorothy E. Jones, 529 Church Street, Newark, N. Y. Beatrice S. Johnson, 351 W. 42nd Street, New York City. Roy M. Hamlin, Letchworth Village, Thiells, N. Y. Bernard Locke, 287 Logan Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Meyer Morson, 1275 Grant Avenue, Bronx, New York City. Charles Elgart, 800(More)
Populations in resource dependent economies gain well-being from the natural environment, in highly spatially and temporally variable patterns. To collect information on this, we designed and implemented a 1586-household quantitative survey in the southwest coastal zone of Bangladesh. Data were collected on material, subjective and health dimensions of(More)
The concept of community is often used in environmental policy to foster environmental stewardship and public participation, crucial prerequisites of effective management. However, prevailing conceptualizations of community based on residential location or resource use are limited with respect to their utility as surrogates for communities of shared(More)
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