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It is argued that the aspects of intergroup relations that potentially can arouse emotions in the perceiver are likely to become central and motivationally relevant elements of group stereotypes. Asking participants to report on the perceived antecedents of their emotional reactions to in-group and out-group members should therefore be an especially useful(More)
Viral infection is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, and there are few therapeutic options available to augment a virus-specific T cell response. Although allo-HLA cross-reactivity from virus-specific memory T cells is common, it is unclear whether priming with specific allogeneic cells could conversely elicit a viral peptide/self-HLA restricted(More)
UNLABELLED Virus-specific T cells have the intrinsic capacity to cross-react against allogeneic HLA antigens, a phenomenon known as heterologous immunity. In transplantation, these cells may contribute to the alloimmune response and negatively impact graft outcome. This study describes the various techniques that can be used to detect heterologous immune(More)
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