Helder Troca Zagalo

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This paper describes a system, in development, called “Virtual Library”. The design of this system takes account of the most recent developments in the domain of virtual catalogues and present some solutions to issues previously pointed by some researchers. It consists in a virtual catalogue, implemented over the Z39.50 protocol, that has is main goal the(More)
This article presents the development of an audiovisual archive that uses the MPEG-7 standard to describe video content and a XML database to store the video descriptions. It presents the model adopted to describe the video content, the framework of the audiovisual archive information system, a video indexing tool developed to allow the creation and(More)
This paper presents the overall work of the Portuguese parliamentary records: a multimedia digital library composed by the parliamentary records and an audiovisual archive. These systems are briefly described and a distributed architecture, based on Web services, that allows integrating information from different systems that compose the multimedia digital(More)
This article presents a framework for a XML based search system composed by three layers: data layer, logic layer and presentation layer. In all three layers XML related technologies are used to store, search, transport and present information like Native XML Databases, Web Services and XSLT. Two examples of an implementation of a XML based search system(More)
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