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In this paper the Differential Evolution algorithm is deployed to the robotic path planning optimization problem for autonomous mobile vehicles. At this stage, the simulations consider the robot world with level surfaces and static obstacles , in which the optimization is performed off-line. The global objective is to evaluate the differential evolutionary(More)
Challenges presented by current and constantly evolving technological, interaction and human variables linked to e-tourism have led to the need of understanding this industry as a living ecosystem. This paper presents an overview of an ongoing research project underdevelopment in Aveiro, Portugal in which e-tourism services and applications are being looked(More)
CMOS memories occupy a significant percentage of the Integrated Circuits footprint. With the development of new manufacturing technologies to a smaller scale, performance and reliability challenges exist, namely caused by parametric variations such as Process variations (P), power supply Voltage (V) and Temperature (T), and Aging (A) or, in a general(More)
Craniometric analysis plays an important role in anthropology studies and forensics. This paper presents CraMs, an application using a new craniometric approach based on 3D models of the skull. The main objective is to obtain, through a process supervised by anthropologists, the main points of interest used to compute craniometric measurements. The(More)
This work presents an ongoing work on a new approach to perform craniometric analysis based on contactless 3D modelling of skulls. Beside the acquisition process with a 3D range sensor and initial results in the semi-automatic detection of features in the skulls, we also present some results in the development of a 3D interactive interface that eases(More)
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