Helder Coelho

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AMPLIA is a multi-agent intelligent learning environment designed to support training of diagnostic reasoning and modelling of domains with complex and uncertain knowledge. AMPLIA focuses on the medical area. It is a system that deals with uncertainty under the Bayesian network approach, where learner-modelling tasks will consist of creating a Bayesian(More)
We present a preliminary definition and a theory of emotion viewed as a sequential process comprising the appraisal of the agent global state, the generation of an emotion-signal and an emotion-response. This theory distinguishes cognitive from affective appraisal on an architecture-grounded basis. A scheme for emotion classification with five dimensions is(More)
Autonomous agents are being used in an increasing number of applications. The agents operate in complex environments and, over time, conflicts inevitably occur among them. Negotiation is the predominant process for resolving conflicts. This paper presents a generic negotiation model for autonomous agents that handles multi-party, multi-issue and single or(More)
This article reports an exploratory survey of the structure of interdisciplinary research in Agent-Based Social Simulation. One hundred and ninety six researchers participated in the survey completing an on-line questionnaire. The questionnaire had three distinct sections, a classification of research domains, a classification of models, and an inquiry into(More)