Helber W. da Silva

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Many efforts have been made to develop security solutions for MANETs. These networks are vulnerable to diverse types of attacks, where routing is a critical operation. Current secure routing protocols are based on preventive or reactive security mechanisms, monitoring node behavior or controlling the access to networks and information. These mechanisms are(More)
Due to the raising dependence of people on critical applications and wireless networks, high level of reliability, security and availability is claimed to assure secure and reliable service operation. Wireless ad hoc networks (WANETs) experience serious security issues even when solutions employ preventive or reactive security mechanisms. In order to(More)
MANETs are highly vulnerable to attacks due to their characteristics such as the lack of infrastructure and wireless communication. Considerable improvements have been made towards providing ad hoc network security and existent solutions apply cryptography, intrusion detection systems or reputation systems. However, these conventional defense lines are(More)
Wireless mesh networks have gained increasing interests, but the lack of security guarantee has retarded their deployment. Security solutions have applied preventive or reactive mechanisms, being inefficient to put all attacks off. We design a survivable architecture for ad hoc and mesh networks to enhance the network capability of providing essential(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have emerged as support for applications on various domains, such as military, financial and healthcare. Those applications claim for high level of both end-to-end performance and security. However, WMNs are naturally susceptible to security issues that can compromise network performance. This paper presents a cross-layer and(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have emerged to support applications on various domains, such as military, financial and healthcare, that claim for high level of both security and performance. Since WMNs are susceptible to security issues, and their devices own limitations that can compromise network performance, this paper presents SECOM, a framework for(More)
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