Hejie Yang

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We analyze the energy consumption of current in-building networks and show that new network designs employing fiber-wireless technologies could lead to significant energy savings in future high-speed networks. 1. Introduction Current in-building networks are generally designed to meet capacity, performance, and installation cost requirements without(More)
Future in-building networks will most likely consist of two segments - optical and wireless; they will use little or no copper media. In previous work, we've analysed a number of green optical/wireless in-building network designs. In this paper, we present a study of why, where and how these networks can be deployed. We consider three different(More)
Energy efficiency is rapidly becoming an important requirement for modern networks. In this paper, we discuss the physical limits to the power consumption of wireless and optical transmission. We show that there is an optimum cell size that results in the least power consumption in optical/wireless in-building networks and explain why. We then discuss the(More)
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