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Mammals of the Estação de Preservação e Desenvolvimento Ambiental de Peti (EPDA-Peti), São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
This study presents the results of an inventory of the mammal fauna of the Estacao de Preservacao e Desenvolvimento Ambiental de Peti (EPDA-Peti) a reserve in the transition between the AtlanticExpand
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Isolation, characterization and cross-species amplification of new microsatellite markers for three opossum species of the Didelphidae family
The American opossums from the Didelphidae family (Order: Didelphimorphia) are on the IUCN Red List, and their threatened status varies from extinct to data deficient. Although microsatellites haveExpand
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Mixed infection of Leishmania infantum and Leishmania braziliensis in rodents from endemic urban area of the New World
BackgroundIn Brazil Leishmania braziliensis and L. infantum are the principal species responsible for cutaneous and visceral leishmaniases, respectively. Domestic dogs are the main reservoirs ofExpand
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ATLANTIC-CAMTRAPS: a dataset of medium and large terrestrial mammal communities in the Atlantic Forest of South America.
Our understanding of mammal ecology has always been hindered by the difficulties of observing species in closed tropical forests. Camera trapping has become a major advance for monitoring terrestrialExpand
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Detection of two morphologically cryptic species from the cursor complex (Akodon spp; Rodentia, Cricetidae) through the use of RAPD markers.
The cursor complex is a group within the Akodon genus of South American rodents, formed by Akodon cursor and A. montensis. Correct distinction between these two species is of great importance sinceExpand
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PERMANENT GENETIC RESOURCES: Characterization of eight microsatellite loci in the woolly mouse opossum, Micoureus paraguayanus, isolated from Micoureus demerarae
Eight novel microsatellite markers were isolated from the woolly mouse opossum from the Amazon Forest in Peru, Micoureus demerarae, using a partial genomic DNA library and an enrichment protocol.Expand
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Complete albinism in Oxymycterus dasytrichus (Schinz 1821) (Rodentia: Cricetidae)
Abstract Reports of albinism are available for several groups of mammals, including the secondmost diverse family of Rodentia, Cricetidae. Nonetheless, in South America, where cricetid rodents areExpand
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