Heithem Abbes

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While the rapidly increasing number of users and applications running on Desktop Grid (DG) systems does demonstrate its inherent potential, current DG implementations follow the traditional masterworker paradigm and DG middlewares do not cooperate. To extend the DG architecture, we propose a novel system, called BonjourGrid, capable of 1) creating, for each(More)
Desktop Grids have been used intensively to deploy applications at low cost. Applications types are classified into high throughput computing and high throughput data management. Desktop Grids such as Condor, BOINC, XtremWeb and Our Grid provide a wide range of high throughput computing systems. on the other hand, several data management systems such as Bit(More)
Institutional desktop grid systems are attractive for running distributed applications with significant computational requirements. While the rapid increasing number of users and applications running on such systems does demonstrate the potential of desktop grid and institutional desktop grid, current implementations follow the old-fashioned master-worker(More)
The Desktop Grid technology consists mainly in exploiting personal computer, geographically dispersed, to deliver massive compute power to investigate complex and demanding problems in a variety of different scientific fields. However, as resources number increases, the need for scalability and decentralization becomes more and more essential. Since such(More)
How to federate the machines of all Boinc, Condor and XtremWeb projects? If you believe in volunteer computing and want to share more than one project then BonjourGrid may help. In previous works, we proposed a novel approach, called BonjourGrid, to orchestrate multiple instances of Institutional Desktop Grid middleware. It is our way to remove the risk of(More)
This paper proposes a decentralised system for managing Desktop Grid (DG). The idea is to bypass the main drawback of existing systems putting all the control on a single master that can fails. Here, each node can play alternatively the role of client or server. Our main contribution is to design the PastryGrid protocol (based on Pastry) for DG in order to(More)
Desktop Grid is among the success stories during last years by using volunteers nodes participating into projects. Now, with the emergence of Cloud Computing, the questions become where to take resources? and how to coordinate the resources? Our assumption is that Desktop Grid will continue to survive if we are able to transform the old-fashioned(More)
This paper analyses the performance of a decentralized and fault-tolerant software layer for Desktop Grid resources management. The grid middleware under concern is named PastryGrid. Its main design principle is to eliminate the need for a centralized server, therefore to remove the single point of failure and bottleneck of existing Desktop Grids.(More)