Heisuke Oono

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This study compared the antifungal activities of bronopol and 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (MT) against members of the genus Saprolegnia in the family saprolegniaceae, which have the ability to infect fish. The minimum inhibitory concentration of bronopol was 100-200 mg/l but for MT it was 31 mg/l. Concerning fungicidal effects against the hyphae,(More)
We evaluated bronopol as a practical alternative anti-fungal agent to malachite green for use in hatcheries. Repeated exposure everyday, just after fertilization to the stage of eggs showing eye development to 50 mg/L and 100 mg/L bronopol for 30 min showed an efficacy comparable to 0 mg/L (control) for the inhibition of fungal infection in rainbow trout(More)
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