Heinz van der Broeck

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A transformer-less converter concept for grid- connected photovoltaic systems is proposed that combines a DC/DC converter front-end with a DC/AC inverter. The converter system has an earth-connected DC input, as required from many thin-film photovoltaic modules. The DC/DC converter increases the positive photovoltaic DC-bus voltage by its negative DC output(More)
The most popular and best modulation method used among Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique is Space Vector Modulation (SVM) method. SVM generates low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and it is well suitable for motor control. Harmonics is one of the major power quality issues occurring in most of the application. SVM holds the major advantage that only(More)
The field of soft conversion from one form to another has always been an area of continuous development. However, the recent developments are endorsed to exploring efficient means of single stage AC-AC conversion. Eliminating the energy loss involved in two stage AC-AC conversion has been the focal point for researchers these days. Thus, the present study(More)
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