Heinz Züllighoven

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In recent years the development of highly interactive software systems with graphical user interfaces has become increasingly common. The acceptance of such a system depends to a large degree on the quality of its user interface. Prototyping is an excellent means for generating ideas about how a user interface can be designed, and it helps to evaluate the(More)
Frameworks are a key asset in large-scale object-oriented software development. They promise increased productivity, shorter development times, and higher quality of applications. To fulfill this, frameworks should be designed in such a way that they can evolve, be easily reused, adapted and configured. Drawing on experience with large-scale industrial(More)
In many engineering disciplines, prototyping is a method and technique used mainly to improve the calculation of risks and costs of new projects. For similar reasons proto typing has also been adopted as a technique in sojlware engineering. Until now, however, there has been a [ack of documented experience with the use of prototyping in industrial soji?ware(More)
Why do people prefer to use certain software systems and why do they have problems using others? What is the quality within certain software that makes people soon feel familiar using it and lets them work efficiently? These are questions that we, like a lot of people who develop and use application systems in their everyday work, asked ourselves. We(More)
Developing interactive software systems requires the well known tasks of analysis, design and construction. In the context of work settings with complex cooperations these tasks and their relationsship undergo drastic changes. Analysis and design have to be accomplished at different levels of complexity, the heterogeneity of users envolved needs to be(More)