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Continuous cultures with Streptomyces tendae revealed some interesting facts. In a continuous culture running for more than 2500 h the production of either nikkomycins or juglomycins could be selected by varying the feed composition. Decreasing the phosphate supply in the feed broth from the initial concentration of 2.5 mm to 1.0 mm enhanced the(More)
In spite of the wealth of experience available in the pharmaceutical industry, tablet formulations are still largely developed on an empirical basis, and the scale-up from laboratory to production is a time-consuming and costly process. Using Ludipress greatly simplifies formulation development and the manufacturing process because only the active(More)
Terrestrial vegetation plays a major role in regulating the global carbon cycle and in turn the climate of the Earth system. It is believed that the North America forest ecosystems are a net sink for anthropogenic carbon. However, significant uncertainties exist in quantifying this claim. Inaccurate and incomplete characterization of forest vegetation is(More)
Streaming potential and streaming current measuring techniques have been applied to polymer and glass surfaces to study solid/liquid interface electrical properties. The streaming current technique provides a reliable electrokinetic potential value, preexcluding surface conduction. A combination of both techniques results in experimental evidences for(More)
A method developed in colloid chemistry for quantitative measurements of adhesion forces in dispersive systems was adapted for the characterization of surface properties of biomaterials in electrolyte solutions and in the presence of macromolecular adsorption layers. The adhesion force between a reference surface (glass) and different polymers(More)