Heinz-Werner Rehn

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In a randomized study 87 patients received perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis with 2 x 2 g ceftriaxone (Rocephin) at the beginning of the operation and in the following morning. Seventy-two patients received no antibiotic prophylaxis. In patients receiving the prophylaxis, a lower incidence of infections was observed postoperatively in addition to a(More)
In 1984, in connection with the introduction of the calcium antagonist nimodipine, a new strategy for the treatment of subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) due to ruptured aneurysm was developed in our hospital. With no rigid regard to "timing" all patients undergo surgery as soon as possible. The only exception being those in Hunt and Hess grades IV and V(More)
We present here a hierarchical approach for the detection and localisation of brake squeal. The proposed system exploits the spatial diversity of microphone arrays to localise a squealing brake. As brake squeal is emitted from a priori known regions, i.e. near the wheels, localisation of a squeal may be seen as a hypothesis testing problem. However, in(More)
We demonstrate a novel method to enhance the phase resolution of a barium titanate beam-fanning novelty filter by means of an external phase shift in one part of the signal wave. The new technique is described theoretically on the basis of the coupled-wave theory. Experimental results are presented to demonstrate the behavior and the advantages of the novel(More)
We report observations of transverse optical structures (traveling bright light spots) that appear in a novel type of ring resonator. In this arrangement an optically addressable liquid-crystal spatial light modulator is combined with a BaTiO(3) crystal that provides strong photorefractive beam fanning. The information traveling around is carried either by(More)
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