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— This paper presents a multi-sensor based generic approach to opening doors for a dexterous robot. Once the handle has been located by a computer vision algorithm and properly grasped, we are able to open doors without using a model or other prior knowledge of the door geometry. This is done by combining the sensor information of both a force-torque sensor(More)
This article presents the approaches taken to integrate a novel anthropomorphic robot hand into a humanoid robot. The requisites enabling such a robot hand to use everyday objects in an environment built for humans are presented. Starting from a design that resembles the human hand regarding size and movability of the mechatronical system , a low-level(More)
In this paper an new intelligent robot control scheme is presented which enables a cooperative work of humans and robots through direct contact interaction in a partially known environment. Because of the high flexibility and adaptability, the human-robot cooperation is expected to have a wide range of applications in uncertain environments, not only in(More)
This paper presents a new approach to parallel motion planning for industrial robot arms with six degrees of freedom in an on-line given 3D environment. The method is based on the A*-search algorithm and needs no essential off-line computations. The algorithm works in an implicitly descrete configuration space. Collisions are detected in the Cartesian(More)
Designing and analyzing self-organizing systems such as robotic swarms is a challenging task even though we have complete knowledge about the robot's interior. It is difficult to determine the individual robot's behavior based on the swarm behavior and vice versa due to the high number of agent–agent interactions. A step towards a solution of this problem(More)
The application of robots in the same workspace with humans results, intended or unintended, in direct mechanical interaction. This requires additional sensory abilities of the robots. Besides sensor systems that help the robots to structure their environment, like cameras, radar sensors, etc., a sensor system on the robot's surface is needed that is able(More)