Heinz Thomas

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BACKGROUND Recent cross-sectional studies have shown psychotic experiences (PEs) are associated with suicidal ideation and behaviours. We aimed to examine associations between psychotic experiences (including persistent PE), and contemporaneous and incident non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and suicide attempts. METHOD Participants were from an Australian(More)
1. Tyler, S. A., Barghoorn, E. S., Berett, L. P.: Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 66, 1293 (1957) 2. Coleman, A. P.: Bureau Mines, Toronto 6, 159 (1896) 3. Johnston, R. A. A.: Geol. Surv. Can. Mem. 74, 1 (1915); Coleman, A. P.: Am. J. Sci. Arts 15, 25 (1928); Hoering, T. C., in: Researches in Geochemistry, Vol. 2, p. 87 (ed. P. H. Abelson). New York: Wiley 1967 4.(More)
naents of shor tening were made by five applications of serotonin, interspersed by washings and re-equilibration. The test solutions contained 400 lxg serotonin per litre. The averages of these readings are tabula ted in Fig. I. Following serotonin, contract ions were elicited wi th two successive applications of ba r ium chloride at a concentrat ion of 24(More)
Bei Per fus ion wird 3 ,4~Dimethoxybenzoes~ure irt der R a t t e n leber vorzugsweise an der p s t~nd igen M e t h o x y G r u p p e demethy l ie r t , die d u t c h m O D e m e t h y l i e r u n g (in ge r ingem Ausm al3) e n t s t a n d e n e 3 -Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzoes i~ure wird teilweise zu 4 -Hydroxy -3 -me thoxybenzoes i i u r e umgewande l t .(More)
Kurze Originalmitteilungen. F f i r d i e k u r z e n Originalmitteilungen ist ausschlieBlich der Verfasser v e r a n t w o r t l i c h . D i e H e r a u s g e b e r b i t t e n , I . i m M a n u s k r i p t d e r kurzen Originalmitteilungen o d e r i n e i n e m B e g l e i t s c h r e i b e n d i e N o t w e n d i g k e i t e i n e r b a l d i g e n ¥ e r(More)
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