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Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, gen. et sp. n., a predatory and ectoparasitic microorganism with lytic activity against susceptible bacteria, is described, as are techniques for isolation and cultivation. These unusual bacteria cause reactions that are similar in their outward manifestations to bacteriophage-induced lysis. Upon plating a mixture of host(More)
Das Zusammenleben zwisehen Mikroorganismen und h6heren Pflanzen ist, soweit es sich um ein solches mit hul~erlich erkennbaren Symptomen handelt, meist weitgehend geklart. ~-ber die gegenseitige Beeinflussung der allgemeinen Bodenmikroflora und hSheren Pflanzenwelt besteht jedoch weniger Klarheit. Es ist dies eine Folge der methodischen Schwierigkeiten, die(More)
The influence of the partial pressure of oxygen on denitrification and aerobic respiration was investigated at defined P02 values in a mull rendzina soil. The highest denitrification and respiration rates obtained in remoistened, glucose- and nitrate-amended soil were 43 μ1 N20 h−1g−1 soil and 130 μ1 O2 h−1g−1 soil, respectively. At -55 kPa matric water(More)
The influence of soil moisture on denitrification and aerobic respiration was studied in a mull rendzina soil. N2O formation did not occur below −30 kPa matric water potential (Ψm), above 0.28 air-filled porosity (a) and below 0.55 fractional water saturation (Θv/PV ≙ volumetric water content/total pore volume). Half maximum rates of N2O production and O2(More)
Respiration and N2-fixation (acetylene reduction) ofAzotobacter vinelandii have been studied at a variety of soil water potentials. Both processes were strictly linked and strongly reduced at water potentials between −0.6 and −1.3 MPa. Complete inhibition occurred below −2.1MPa. Osmotic potentials in soil compared to matric potentials of the same value were(More)
  • Heinz Stolp
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 1979
The bdellovibrios are extremely small bacteria with the unique property of being parasites of other (gram-negative) bacteria. In the presence of viable and susceptible bacteria a Bdellovibrio cell physically 'attacks' an individual host cell, attaches to its surface, penetrates the cell wall, and multiples within the periplasmic (intramural) space of its(More)
Methanol oxidation was studied in several RuMP and serine type methylotrophic bacteria. On the basis of the distribution of the dissimilatory enzymes and the electrophoretic mobility of the methanol dehydrogenases, the methanol and methane oxidizers of the RuMP type belong to two different taxonomic groups. The pink pigmented facultative serine type(More)
The P/O ratio of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, strain Bd 109 Sa, was evaluated by two different methods based on the determination of energy-rich phosphate bonds and either NADH oxidation or oxygen-uptake. P/O values calculated on the basis of NADH oxidation were up to 6, which has to be regarded as being overestimated. P/O values calculated from energy-rich(More)