Heinz Spranger

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A new rating scale for the quantitative assessment of the alcohol-withdrawal syndrome (AWS) was developed from the CIWA-A scale by item analysis based on the data from 132 alcoholic patients. The clinical evaluation of this AWS scale in a second sample of 256 alcoholic patients showed that it adequately assessed the course and severity of the AWS. The AWS(More)
According to Antonovsky's (Aaron Antonovsky, 1923-1994) sense of coherence (SOC) model, persons with a high SOC have the ability to benefit from their general defense mechanisms in order to overcome stressful situations. In a health-disease continuum, this leads to the development towards health. However, Antonovsky's global hypothesis that the strength of(More)
BACKGROUND Previous experiments show that amphibian larvae are responsive to homeopathically prepared thyroxine. METHODS We studied the effect of a highly diluted and agitated thyroxine solution exposed to various electromagnetic fields on metamorphosis in highland Rana temporaria. The devices tested were: microwave oven, mobile phone, airport X-ray, and(More)
The ABO blood group system was discovered by Karl Landsteiner in 1901. Since then, scientists have speculated on an association between different pathologies and the ABO blood group system. The aim of this pilot study was to determine the significance between different blood types of the ABO blood group system and certain pathologies. We included 237(More)
BACKGROUND Studies performed in 5 laboratories have shown that homeopathically prepared highly diluted thyroxin (10(-30)=30x) slowed down metamorphosis of highland amphibians. Metamorphosis of lowland amphibians, however, could be slowed down by a low dilution of thyroxin (10(-8)=8x) if animals had been artificially pretreated with thyroxin. OBJECTIVE To(More)
The influence of a highly diluted agitated, i.e. homeopathically prepared thyroxin solution (10(-30), final concentration in the basin water 10(-35) parts by weight after the first application) on metamorphosis in lowland Rana temporaria from the spawn stage on was studied. The treatment with homeopathically prepared thyroxin solution (10(-30)) starts at(More)