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The effect of electric fields on blue phases
Abstract An experimental review on electric field effects in blue phases is presented. Electric fields have a profound effect on these phases which appear in chiral liquid crystals. In addition toExpand
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Tuneable Photonic Crystals obtained by Liquid Crystal Infiltration
The unique combination of fluidity and birefringence that is characteristic for liquid crystals is quite suitable in order to tune the optical properties of photonic crystals. Here, some experimentalExpand
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Self-organized assemblies of colloidal particles obtained from an aligned chromonic liquid crystal dispersion.
The behavior of mono-disperse colloidal particles in a chromonic liquid crystal was investigated. Poly(methyl methacrylate) spherical particles with three different functionalizations, with andExpand
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X-ray scattering of nematic liquid crystal nanodispersion with negative dielectric anisotropy [Invited].
A nematic liquid crystal (LC) mixture was doped with harvested ferroelectric BaTiO3 nanoparticles and investigated with wide- and small-angle x-ray scattering upon heating from the nematic to theExpand
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Director Fields Around Spherical and Cylindrical Micro Particles in a Liquid Crystal Host
Director fields around spherical and cylindrical micro particles embedded in a uniformly aligned nematic liquid crystal are investigated by means of fluorescence confocal polarizing microscopy. BothExpand
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Electroconvection of liquid crystals: Tool for fabricating modulated polymer surfaces
Electrically induced dissipative structures in liquid crystals can be stored by the photocuring of reactive mesogens. Thus, spontaneous pattern formation can be used to fabricate phase gratings orExpand
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Utility of a liquid crystalline diacrylate for bistable switching cholesteric gel displays
We investigated cholesteric liquid crystals containing an anisotropic polymer network created by in situ photo-polymerization of a mesogenic diacrylate. In contrast to previous studies, we used aExpand
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Angular Dependence of Blue Phase Selective Reflection in the Electric Field
Abstract The angular dependence of the selective reflection peaks has been investigated for BP1 and BP2 as well as for non-cubic BP-structures occurring in the electric field. Although at normalExpand
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Dual-Frequency Addressable Gratings Based on Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
Abstract Switchable diffraction gratings consisting of a dual-frequency-addressable nematic liquid crystal embedded in a polymer matrix were prepared using a holographic technique. TheExpand
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Polymer-Dispersed Chiral Discotic Liquid Crystals
Abstract We have investigated the electro-optic properties of a polymer film which contains a chiral columnar liquid crystal in small cavities. The cavities were formed due to phase separation duringExpand
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